Since 2022 we have adopted the 100 point scoring system. See below for a breakdown on how this works.
Medals are awarded as follows:-
Gold medal - 95 to 100 points     Silver medal - 90 to 94 points     Bronze medal - 85 to 89 points
Wines that are not fully dressed and commercially available at the time of judging with the
exception of the Amateur Class (Class 10) are not eligible for medals but will be eligible for commendations as follows:-
Very highly commended - 95 to 100 points     Highly commended - 90 to 94 points
Commended - 85 to 89 points

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Prior to 2009, the database was incompatible with the new website.
For historical purposes you can grab a copy of the PDFs made from the results catalogue.

Results for 2008
Results with sponsors  -  Results without sponsors - Trophy Winners Only
Results for 2007
Results PDF - Just the trophy winners
Results for 2006
Results PDF - Just the trophy winners
Results for 2005
Results PDF - Just the trophy winners
Results for 2004
Results PDF
Results for 2003
Results PDF